One Of The Students Played Prank On The Teacher. Can You Find The Guilty Kid?

May 10, 2019

Teachers are guides and role models for young children. However, their relationships may be quite complicated. Thus, it’s almost impossible to find a school where no students played pranks on their educators.

Andrey Burmakin /

Can you relate? These kids from the picture had a good laugh at their teacher. But now, as she realized she had a spot of ink on her face, she is keen on finding the responsible party. Can you spot who that is?

This tricky puzzle is good for those who love to challenge themselves.

The faster you can find the guilty student, the better!

Being observant is a great skill, and it is important for any aspect of our life. It makes us better communicators and workers and boosts our abilities to plan, predict and make the right decisions.

Here are 4 ways of improving this skill:

  • Learn body language;
  • Ditch distractions and take one task at a time;
  • Increase self-awareness of everything you do;
  • Practice paying more attention to details on purpose.

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Spending more time solving riddles and puzzles for attention can also help to sharpen concentration.

So could you find the student who pranked the teacher? Here is the hint: the criminal didn’t bother to eliminate the evidence of their misdeed.

How fast could you find the right answer? Let us know in the comments!

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