Crystal Test: The Gemstone You Pick May Help You Discover Inner Needs And Wishes

February 5, 2019

For centuries, people feel a strong attraction to the gemstones. They are still believed to possess a healing and enlightening energy that helps us become better selves. Each of the gemstones is unique in shape, colour and properties. And often, they gravitate towards us, too.

There are 6 different crystals on the picture. Pick one that attracts you the most. Don’t think too much, just trust your gut. The meaning of the stone you chose may give you a clue about what you need right now.

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Did you make a choice?

Find your stone and read the description below.

Jasper, The Earth Stone

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This crystal is known as a supreme nurturer. It can provide you with a feeling of safety and tranquillity, stabilize the energy, making you more mindful and responsible.

This stone is good for those who need a positive mindset for achieving goals. Jasper helps obtain harmony in romantic relationships and set peace in families that have conflicts, misunderstanding or any kind of negativity.

Howlite, “Live And Let Live”

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People who gravitate towards this gemstone crave for the balance between the body, heart and mind. It brings you enlightenment and broadens the perspectives and abilities.

Howlite is also a calming stone as it promotes kindness, inner peace, positive attitude towards people around you, and relieves aggression and stress. It gives energy and stamina for overcoming life challenges and helps recover from emotional attachments.

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Obsidian, The Cleanser

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This gemstone has powerful energy capable of releasing you from any negativity in life. It helps to cope with stress, anxiety, tension, anger and fear.

It grants an empowering ability to handle toxic relationships and people who suppress you. The stone may heal addiction, eating disorders and emotional blockage.

Amber, The Sun Stone

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This stone charged with the energy of the Sun represents the well-being and happiness. It gives the positive affirmation “I am loved, I am cared”, which assures comfort and helps recover from emotional illness.

The gemstone provides a feeling of warmth and security and brings energy to the body.

Malachite, Guardian Stone

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Malachite mobilizes your inner powers, develops intuition and make you avoid dangers and risks. It makes you strengthen your barriers, develop the feeling of responsibility and build up the willpower.

The gemstone may give a feeling of protection and confidence. It also helps stay balanced and cool-headed in difficult life situations.

Amethyst, Purification Stone

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Amethyst promotes self-growth and self-improvement. It aids you to give up harmful habits and toxic relationships. It protects from negativity and wards off depression.

This gemstone has an amazing power to stimulate your intuition and consciousness, making you wiser and more mindful. Amethyst crystals bring motivation for intensive spiritual growth.

Have you found what you really need right now? The gemstones have served people for centuries, but even in the era of science, we keep requiring their special healing properties and powers.

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