This Body Painting Artist Creates Animals Out Of People. How Many Of Them Can You Find In This Picture?

May 17, 2019

Art is a unique form of expression. Whether it is a brush, or a musical instrument, or a chunk of clay, it comes alive in a master’s hands. But we get the most impressed with artwork that shows us reality from another perspective!

Take a look at this picture, for instance. It looks like a real frog, but if you pay more attention to the details, you'll notice the models in it. How many people do you see?

The frog’s head is one and all 4 legs of the amphibian are 4 different people. Do you see it now?

It took the artist five people to make such an amazing frog! 

Johannes Stoetter is an Italian artist who takes our breath away with his masterpieces. His body paintings transform people into animals, creating optical illusions.

Stoetter’s project, “Illusions”, started accidentally with the frog. But then the artist’s imagination went wild.

He felt he was starting something really extraordinary, which would give his career a new fresh direction.

He told Insider:

I always loved animals. As a child, I knew more animals than adults. I went to the forest and mountains to see wild animals, and I was drawing animals all the time. Today it seems to me that everything I did so far was part of the development to get where I am now.

Watching people modeling for him in different positions, working with various paints helped him turn his visions into reality.

His artwork is stunning! They show the sacred connection between humans and nature, sending a powerful message to the world. We all share this planet as our home, thus we must coexist with respect and love for each other.

Can you spot the models in every picture? It’s not that easy at a first glance. Sometimes, it takes time to spot a person’s leg, hip or knee. It’s one more reason to praise the artist for sharing his talent with the world!

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