A Test For Your Attention and Concentration: How Many "7"s Can You Find Among Zs?

July 12, 2019

Brain teasers and puzzles are great for those who want to keep their minds active, and it’s a far better alternative to sitting on the sofa every night staring at the TV. Challenging yourself to solve different puzzles, optical illusions, and brain games is good for mind and body, having a sharp mind that is constantly put to work means you'll be healthier in the long run.

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Just like you exercise your body, you should also “exercise” your brain. That's why we've got this great riddle for you! Let's check if you are still up to it:

Look at this picture! There are a few numbers 7 hiding among the letters Z. These figures look similar so it may be hard to spot them. That's why you should be focused to the max.

Antonio Guillem /

So, how many 7s have you found?

The faster you handle the task, the better! And if you struggle to locate them all, we can give you a hint: There are 10 of them!

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These fun tests aren't the only way to train your brain. You can also practice solving crosswords, sudoku, math puzzles and riddles. In addition, try to learn something new every day to keep your memory sharp.

Returning to our task, are you ready to check the right answer?

Let's check out if you were correct:

When things hide in plain sight, it can be a challenge to find them, but you sure did a great job even if you didn't find them all.

We do hope you enjoyed giving those eyes a workout with this puzzle!

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