Hormones, Transformation and Regret: A Man, Who Was A Transgender Woman For 20 Years, Returns To His Biological Sex

May 17, 2019

The vast majority of people in the world are cisgender. It means that they identify themselves with the sex they were born. However, some individuals feel the gender they were born with doesn't fit them.

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Thus, they take specific steps to change. In fact, transgender people have started to show up in the mass media only relatively recently. Thus, many people still can't understand why transgenders just can't get therapy and learn how to live in their own bodies and deal with their feelings. They simply don't know about the feelings of being lost, trapped in the wrong body and rejected by the society they live in. 

Being transgender is not a mental disorder. People who deal with it know a lot about the pain and stress caused by a persistent disconnect between their assigned sex and their internal sense of their real gender.  Luckily, modern medicine offers transgender people multiple ways to transform into who they feel they are. 

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Some people choose hormone therapy, while others go even farther. They brace themselves for a physical transition to the opposite gender. 

At the age of 5, Abiel Magaña felt that he was a girl trapped in a boy's body.

When he turned 18, the boy started taking estrogen to transition to female and began living his new life as a woman. Thus, Abiel became Libi. Magaña recalled that his longlasting relationship with a man failed because he could not conceive a child.

Moreover, Abiel encountered discrimination and harassment from many people for being a transexual. The man continued to live as a woman until he had a dream, which he believed was a kind of religious vision. 

“Suddenly I found myself in a dark well falling to the bottom with other people. And I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. I began to shout that Jesus was the only way out.”

This dream made him come back to his biological sex. Today, Abiel lives the completely different life he once refused and considers surgery to get rid of his breasts. 

“Maybe one day, if God permits it, I will get married and have children...I always put God first, before everything.” 

Some Internet users slammed the man for his unstable decisions. One said:

Well, we hope Abiel has finally found himself and feels his body and soul are in harmony

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