Husband Confessed To Receiving A “Secret Note” From Mother-In-Law On His Wedding Day Only After She Passed Away

July 10, 2019

A mother of three once shared a heart-tugging story of how her mother made a big sacrifice so that her daughter could get the help she needed.

Mom blogger Nikki Pennington has had to deal with anxiety all her life. And through it all, her mother was always there to help her. All that changed when Nikki got married.

While sharing her story on her Facebook Page, Grief To Hope With Nikki Pennington, she explained that those who battle anxiety usually have that one person they can always count on to help calm them down "in the midst of the anxiety fog." For Nikki, that person was her mom.

She explained how her mother would always know what to say and do whenever she felt lost or confused. Her comforting words were "stronger than my anxiety."

Nikki came to rely on that safety net her mother provided, but things eventually changed. A few weeks after Nikki got married, she suffered an anxiety episode and announced to her husband that she needed to call her mom urgently.

Her husband's response took her by surprise:

He paused and said, "How about you talk to me instead? Just give me a try and see if I can compare".

Nikki did exactly as he asked and found that her man eased her anxiety considerably. "It was as if I was talking to my mom," she wrote.

So, as time went on, Nikki's calls to her mother when her anxiety hit became fewer and fewer. And her mom never asked about it or wondered what was going on.

Things continued that way until her mother passed away. Nikki cried to her husband about how she had lost the only one person who could calm her and was always there for her.

This was when her husband revealed a secret note Nikki's mom had given to him on their wedding day.

It was titled, "How to be Nikki's person."

Step 1: Just listen

Step 2: Listen a little more

Step 3: Don’t try and solve the problem

Step 4: Tell her you understand

Step 5: Keep listening until she’s sorted it out on her own. She will, she always does

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s had it figured out on her own all along.

Nikki understood then the big sacrifice her mother had made. The woman knew she would not always be around for her daughter and wanted to make sure Nikki had someone when that time came. So she relinquished her post as 'Nikki's person' just so that her daughter would always have someone to rely on.

As parents, we know how hard it can be to let go of being the most important person in our kids' lives and we truly understand how much of a sacrifice Nikki's mom had to make so her daughter could learn to rely on her husband instead.

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