Woman Almost Sent To An Early Grave By Anorexia Becomes An Athlete, Proving That Curing The Disorder Is Possible

May 15, 2019

Anorexia is a severe mental illness. It is characterized by extremely low body weight and intense fear for gaining any additional pound. People suffering from this eating disorder have a wrong perception of food and of their own image.

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Anorexia occurs mostly to women, damaging their overall health drastically. However, it is still curable.

A young girl from Wales, in the UK, Lara Rebecca, proved that strong determination and accepting a complex treatment can ward off the disease and transform you into a brand new person.

Since the age of 11, she neglected her own body, being obsessed with weight loss. She ended up feeling anxious, depressed and unworthy. She had no other motivation in life except for the strong desire to get thinner.

Her parents had to send a 16-year-old Lara to the hospital during their family vacation. She recalls:

I ended up locking myself in the toilets, actually for hours on end, just to cry and as an excuse not to eat. I basically starved myself for a very prolonged period of time and it took me to the point where I had to be flown home.

Two years of treatment was hard, to say the least, but it helped a young girl regain confidence and build healthy relationships with food and her own body.

She started exercising and turned into an inspirational athlete for others. And it wasn’t only her body that improved:

Now, although a physical transformation has occurred, the mental shift and development are what's truly significant. I am now motivated. I have a drive. I've found my passions.

Peeping back to the dark past of living with an eating disorder, Lara gets terrified. She can’t imagine how she could actually like her own reflection in the mirror and try to lose more weight.

She documented her journey to recovery, making thousands of people follow and support her.

Her story is quite amazing! People who face the same problems or have family members struggling with this disorder must remember that anorexia is a serious mental illness. It requires intensive therapy with mental health doctors, as well as dietitians.

Restoring a healthy weight and doing psychotherapy, along with the strong support from the family, can help fight this risky eating disorder. There is always hope for improvement, and sometimes it starts with an unshakeable faith in yourself!

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