Trees Have Feelings And Take Care Of Each Other, Just Like Families, Scientists Claim


March 11, 2019 15:06 By Mambee

Researchers made an astonishing discovery, proving that trees possess a type of intelligence and have a fascinating life cycle hidden from us.

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Forest ecologist Dr. Suzanne Simard, who contributed to the documentary The Hidden Life of Trees, revealed that they have feelings, can sleep and be awake, but also recognize their own seedlings.

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Like parents take care of their children, mother trees intertwine roots with their offspring’s and feed them. They don’t grow independently but form a so-called community, being connected to each other.

This way, we can think of a forest as a real family with their sacred bond.

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Researchers noticed that if two related seedlings were growing up in the greenhouse next to each other, the older one showed concern about the younger one’s growth by slowing down and giving the smaller sapling catch up. The older tree also gave the younger a set of nutrients, as though it were feeding.

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Scientists from Aarhus University were scanning trees during the night time and concluded that different species “sleep” in their own unique way. Some of them lowered their leaves and branches and then lifted them up again with the sunrise. The magnolia tree, for instance, was observed to complete the cycle three times in one night.

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On top of that, it was discovered that they feed through pumping water from the soil. It was clear after noticing the up movements every 2 to 6 hours.

This incredible exploration makes us admire the trees even more. Now, as we know they build families, people might want to treat forests in a completely different way.

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