Teen With Down Syndrome Is Signed With 5 Modelling Agencies Since Her Mom Posted Her Beautiful Picture On Social Media

January 30, 2019

The 14-year-old girl from Brazil, Georgia Traebert, came a long way from feeling insecure and lonely to pursuing a modelling career. Despite being diagnosed with Down Syndrome, the teen is signed for five modelling agencies. She has been working for the popular brands in Brazil, including a famous jewellery designer, and starring in the TV adverts.

Her mom, 44-year-old Rubia, revealed that the screening tests during the pregnancy showed that the baby was completely healthy. But shortly after being born, the girl was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, as well as with a heart defect and underwent successful surgery at 5 months old.

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According to mom, it was not easy to accept the daughter’s condition:

Of course, the news took us by surprise. I confess that at the time I was filled with a mixture of sadness and insecurity.

The young girl was also struggling in schools. It was challenging to get along with peers and achieve their academic success. On top of that, many schools refused to accept a student with Down Syndrome.

Rubia dedicated her life to taking care of Georgia, giving up her own career. She stayed with the daughter 24/7 and tried to boost her abilities with singing, dancing, and playing educational games. Her huge efforts paid off!

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Georgia’s modelling success started when the mother posted her picture on Facebook. Surprisingly, it reached an unexpected success! Beautiful girl attracted the attention of model agencies who wanted to give her a job.

Her biggest dream is to be an actress or a singer, then a model. So, we are investing in drama and singing classes. Who knows? Maybe she will act next.

Georgia has proved that anything is possible! Now, she is a brand new person, who has a bright career, friends, and many followers who take their cue from her.

Today, as she stands out in the media, she is now surrounded by girls who ask her about her career and her work, so being in the media and having a career helped a lot with her confidence in that sense.

Children with Down Syndrome should not be neglected and underestimated. Despite mental and physical challenges, their abilities can evolve and develop under smart supervision.

Here are the tips to help parenting children with Down Syndrome:

  • Teach them independence. Give them simple tasks to do around the house, explaining step by step;
  • Be patient while teaching your child a new skill;
  • Socialize them with children who don’t suffer from the same condition;
  • Bond with a child, spend the quality time together;
  • Despite the hardship, encourage them to get involved in sports and arts;
  • Provide ultimate support regardless of their success in learning.

Rubia claims, that the biggest dreams are worth fighting for: “My advice is to never ever give up. Keep fighting and persist in your dreams, for nothing is impossible!”

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