What A Strong Bond! Son Takes His Father, Diagnozed With Alzheimer's, For A Car Ride And Hears Emotional Daddy's Song


July 24, 2019 18:10 By Mambee

It is not a secret that fathers and sons have a special bond, and they need each other’s company on a regular basis, as it gives them strength and inspiration.

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Simon McDermott recorded some outings with his dad as they enjoyed long car rides around the countryside and singing karaoke together.

Every moment, spent together, was so valuable for both of them!

Best karaoke

Simon’s father, Ted McDermott, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. When Ted was younger, he was a singer who used to perform in clubs all around the area, now he has no memory of who he is.

Moreover, he doesn’t recognize his closest people: son, wife, and other family members. And he can also get aggressive in words and actions!

When something like that happens, Simon takes his dad for a long ride, and it has such a great effect on him!

It makes them closer, and both Simon and Ted love spending time in a car together! On the video below, we can see how Ted starts singing, and his voice is so beautiful!

What a karaoke!

The devoted son, who still enjoys every day spent with his father, released a book called The Songaminute Man, after Ted’s stage nickname during his singing career.

Their duo is so emotional!

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