Boost Your Logical Thinking: Can You Give The Right Answer To This Tricky Question?

May 17, 2019

There is never a wrong time to put your brain to test. Hence, we have an exciting puzzle for you today!

This particular puzzle poses a bit of difficulty. Few internet users have been able to solve on their first try! Let’s get to it!

Here is an image of 3 boxes, of which just one contains a pair of red high heels. Also, attached to each box is a statement. Only one of the three explanations given is accurate. The other two are fake.

Box 1 says the pair of high heels is in this box;

Box 2 says the pair of high heels is not in this box;

Box 3 says the pair of high heels is not in box one.

Putting all these factors into consideration, can you tell which box that has a pair of red high heels?

While the puzzle seems complicated, all that is needed to arrive at the correct answer is elementary logic. Everyone can have a go at it! All you need is a pen and paper to analyze it properly.

While people primarily solve puzzles for the fun of it, it has been proven that it is beneficial to the brain. The advantages of puzzles include:

1. Accelerated ingenuity;

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2. Enhanced memory;

3. Production of the ‘feel-good’ hormone, dopamine, which helps people relax.

Have you been able to find the answer? If you’re still struggling with it, let’s go through the puzzle together.

Keep in mind that this riddle has two conditions. First, only one box truly has the shoe, and only one of the statements is true.

Let’s begin with box 1, if we assume that statement 1 is correct, that means that the red high heels are there. However, since only one statement can be true, it means statement 2 is false, meaning that there are shoes is in box 2, too. Unfortunately, only one box has the shoe, so box 1 is the wrong option.

If the statement under box 2 is true, it means that the shoe isn’t in the second box. However, since only one statement can be true, the other ones are false.

Thus, the statement under box 1 shows that the shoe isn’t in the first box since it’s wrong. That means the shoe is in box 3.

If we then move to box 3, the statement says that the shoe is in box 1, but that can’t be the case as we have just proven that no shoe is in box 1. This leaves us to conclude that statement 2 is false, and that the shoe is in there!

Box 2 is the correct answer!

Nevertheless, let’s examine statement 3. If it is true, that means that the shoe isn’t in box 1. If we go to statement 1 which says the shoe is in box 1, we know it is wrong, given that we are assuming statement 3 is the only true one.

Therefore, statement 2 is also false, and that brings us to the same answer! The shoe is in box 2!

What a puzzle! If you enjoyed every bit of it, make sure you share it with your friends and loved ones!

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