After More Than Seven Decades Of Styling Hair, This 99-Year-Old Beautician Is Set To Retire

October 12, 2018 17:23

One of the most amazing things one can achieve in life is working with one's passion. Work becomes easy, fun and enlivening.

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Even after lots of water has gone under the bridge, a person who is passionate about what they do remains strong. 99-year-old Callie Terrell has proven this.

The stylist and beautician have been in the business of making women look and feel good almost all her life. 

She has enjoyed styling hair since she was a little girl and would always mess with her sisters' beautiful hair.

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Gradually, she metamorphosed into a fine hair stylist. According to the state of Tennessee, Callie Terrell got her cosmetology license on January 30th, 1945, making her the oldest living beautician in the state.

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WREG News Channel 3 / YouTube

The experienced hair stylist, who apparently still loves her job, is now only working to keep herself busy and satisfy a few long-time customers, like her daughter Inez. 

She revealed that work is part the secret of her longevity. Mrs Terrell said she is not used to just being up in the house, doing nothing.

She refused to live like most old people and relax in her old age. She would rather continue in that one thing that excites her and makes her happy.

After more than seven decades of being a beautician, Mrs Terrell is set to retire after her 100th birthday in November. She has outlived almost all of her customers, she said:

“People my age that I use to be buddy buddy with, I don't have a single one'.I was in a bridge club. I'm the only one in the club that is living”. So maybe the time is just right to take a bow as a hairstylist.

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 Interestingly, Mrs Terrell has something up her sleeve for her retirement.

“ I will just be waiting on somebody to call me and say ‘Callie, you busy? Well come on over here, they say we're doing so and so’. So I jump in the car and go. I just want to do something.”

WREG News Channel 3 / YouTube

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Old Mrs Terrell is still so full of life that one is forced to ask whether she doesn't experience fatigue and discomfort, usually associated with ageing.

More strength to her!