High School Dance Team Stupefies Once Again With A Well-Delivered Harry Potter Dance Routine

October 16, 2018

One would be safe to go out in a limb and say that, at least once, you have heard of the name “Harry Potter”. The books and movie franchise are widely popular around the world and are loved by fans both old and young.

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ThePac Walden Grove / YouTube

A high school dance team from the state of Arizona recently - and well-deservedly -went viral with their dance routine, which was inspired by the Harry Potter world.


ThePac Walden Grove / YouTube

This is not the first time the dance team at the Walden Grove high school has gone viral. The talented youngsters had already put together a Wizard of Oz dance routine which went viral and eventually landed them an America's Got Talent audition.

ThePac Walden Grove / YouTube

However, this new dance routine, which is arguably better than the first, shows that these kids are something truly special to be looked out for.

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They managed to capture the truly wonderful story of Harry Potter, even beginning their routine with a “The Boy Under The Stairs” act, and ending with a clash between Harry and Voldemort.

They also included a sorting hat ceremony, and a feeling of nostalgia permeated the air during the tense moments it took for Harry Potter to be sorted. They may not like homework, generally, but they sure did an effort for this one.

ThePac Walden Grove / YouTube

Those who have some experience with the theatre will note and appreciate the amount of thought, preparation, and rehearsals which must have been necessary in order to put the performance together and deliver it smoothly.

ThePac Walden Grove / YouTube

Many would have thought it nearly impossible for the Walden Grove dance team trump their own initial performance, which had propelled them to viral fame, but the high-schooler sure proved them wrong.

Drawing from the strong power of the Harry Potter fandom, they did put together a truly awe-inspiring performance. These are not your average teenagers, that's for sure.

ThePac Walden Grove / YouTube

The talented teenagers combined their storytelling with nice, contemporary music such as “My House”, by Flo Rida.

Also particularly fascinating was their dance to an “expecto patronum” mix, which just further proves the amount of thought put in this performance. The result is truly brilliant and completely worthy of the attention it is getting.

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Since it was uploaded on YouTube, the video had garnered more than 4 million views, a true testament to its greatness.

Congratulations to these amazing kids. We can't wait to see more from them!