Color Test! Can You Find The Shade Of Orange That Is Different?

April 26, 2019

The brain, just like every other part of the body needs regular exercise. Not physical, weight lifting exercises, of course, but there are some tasks that you can do with your brain that will push it to get better, smarter and faster.

A more exercised brain means your other senses are sharper, your eyes, nose, even your taste! Here is a riddle to test your eyesight. Can you find the different shade of orange?

When it comes to color perception, the retina of the human eye has three receptors for color — one for green, another for red, and the last for blue.

Whenever we see color, what we see are the specific wavelengths of light that are not absorbed by what we are looking at.

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Now that you've learned about how the eye interprets color, have you solved the riddle above? It’s simple! The answer is the third orange on the first row!

It's a deeper shade of orange than the other ones.

Easy, right?

We hope you got it and, if you didn't, practice focusing on different colors daily and watch your visual focus improve.

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