British 81-Year-Old Woman Stuns Unsuspecting Crowd With Her Amazing Dance Moves

October 12, 2018

Age they say is nothing but a number and not a limiting factor when it comes to talent and skills. At least, not for this 81-year-old woman who stunned the crowd with her amazing dance moves. This daring act reminds us that the only limit we place on our potentials is the one set by ourselves.

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The video begins with the aged British woman, Sarah Jones, making her way through the busy streets of Madrid until she ran into a couple dancing. 

Antena 3 / YouTube

She is seen telling members of the crowd, who had come to watch, how frail she feels and how her aged hips prevented her from bursting those moves. If only they knew what she had in store for them.

A few minutes later, the dance between the couple ends and a new volunteer is asked to step up - a chance Sarah grabbed quickly. As observed in the video, the male dancer can be seen telling Sarah she is too old for this, but that did not deter her either.

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Antena 3 / YouTube

She agrees to a slow dance, as she moves slowly and gently to Carlo Gardel's 'Por Una Cabeza.’ This lasted for a while before she decided to let the cat out of the bag.

Suddenly, the tempo of the music increases and the male dancer helps her take her jacket off. Sarah is then seen doing all sorts of amazing and energic moves.

She twists, turns and bends in ways no one would ever think possible. The crowd was stunned, with many hailing and praising her, while others could do nothing but stare open-mouthed in awe.

Antena 3 / YouTube

At the end of the surprising but amazing display of talent and skills, she was met with a very warm and loud appraisal from an astonished crowd. She ended the show with a bow, and heart melting words which read;

"We are all young"

How true!

Since the video was posted, it has been received over a million views and over 70 million shares. Sarah is one incredible kind of woman!

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