Son Gets Special Tattoo After His Mom Passed Away And The Internet Is Touched


March 11, 2019 14:50 By Mambee

Losing a parent can be devastating, but sometimes people find ways to keep their beloved ones close. One man decided to keep the memory of his mother alive by getting a significant tattoo, and the internet loves it.

21-year-old Thomas Resch was heartbroken when his mother passed away. To express his love for her, Thomas got a tattoo of the last note she wrote to him and her final heartbeat.

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He revealed that his mother had previously suffered a heart attack, which affected her mobility and coordination. Even though she went to rehab to gain some of those functions back, she still had some problems.

Sadly, a few months later, Thomas' mom suffered another heart attack and she passed away. The distraught young man shared a few pictures online as he expressed how much he would miss his mother. 

To accompany the lovely family photos, he also shared a caption where he expressed his gratitude for having 21 years with his mother and promised to never forget all the great things she taught him.

In a later post, Thomas revealed that his mother passed away on the same day he moved out of her house. As he was unpacking, he discovered that she had written him a note which read:

I'm going to miss you A LOT!! I love you.

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Thomas reportedly told Press Association that he later found out that his mother had been wearing her Fitbit when she passed, which meant the gadget recorded her final heartbeat. He then decided that he was going to get both his mom's last note and heartbeat tattooed on his body.

While sharing a photo of the tattoo, Thomas explained how much the words meant to him saying that even if they were "messy," they were "perfect" in his own eyes.

This post went viral quickly, with over 15,000 retweets, and some touching comments followed.

What a wonderful way to honor a loved one. We have no doubt that Thomas' mom will always live on in his heart, and now there's an incredible tattoo to serve as a reminder that she is still with him.

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