Little Girl With Genetic Disorder Sings Happily Despite Undergoing Two Bone Marrow Transplants And Suffering Septic Shock

September 27, 2018

A young girl is serving as an inspiration to us all, thanks to the fact that, despite undergoing major surgery, she remains in high spirits. 

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When we go through pain and challenges, it's easy to get frustrated and start feeling moody, wondering why this has to happen to us. But this child had no time for all that and the video posted by her parents has been inspiring several people. 

5-year-old Leah was born with a condition known as Severe Congenital Neutropenia. This condition causes a deficiency of neutrophils, a type of white blood cells, in the bone marrow.

Patients who are deficient in neutrophils usually have a higher risk for infections because of the lack of white blood cells which help prevent inflammationa.

In the video below, Leah can be seen singing happily despite the fact that she had just undergone surgery. In the caption of the video, which was published in 2016, it was explained that the little girl received two bone marrow transplants in addition to suffering a septic shock. 

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It was also mentioned that Leah was a massive trooper, especially considering the fact that she had a long way to go before she could return home. The parents could only be grateful to God for giving their daughter such strength. 

This child is fighting hard every single day to survive and she's doing it all with a big smile on her face. Videos like these are always a reminder that, sometimes, you just cannot let bad situations get you down. Plus, simply being grateful for being alive can be inspiring on its own. 

Praises for Leah

Leah's singing, despite being stuck in a hospital and feeling uncomfortable, has become a viral video. It has now received more than 16 million views and people are hailing her for her strength and positive attitude. 

How she is doing today

In the two years since the video was posted, little Leah has had her ups and downs. Her parents continue to give updates on a Facebook page created for this purpose. 

In a recent post, we learned that the now 7-year-old is doing great. She still battles constant health problems and still spends a lot of time at the hospital, but she continues to hold on.

Despite the fact that there have been bad days as well as good ones, her parents are taking a leaf out of their daughter'a book and focusing only on the positive - that their little girl continues to fight.

May Leah keep on striving!

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