21-Year-Old Lung Cancer Survivor Inspires Many As He Heads To The Gym To Reclaim His Life

September 18, 2018

A young man is showing the world that he will not let lung cancer beat him down and his courage is absolutely inspiring. 

A true hero

A few months ago, a gym owner named Bob Donnelly shared a picture of a 21-year-old man working hard at the gym. Donnelly explained that this was Jared Wells, his son's friend.

On his Body Alive Facebook page, the fitness expert explained that Jared had dreams of becoming a bodybuilder but fighting lung cancer has made his goal a lot more challenging. 

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However, when he was given the okay from his doctor that he could go back to working out, Jared headed to the gym for his first session. "He’s at ZERO % body fat," Donnelly said while making a promise that he would get the young man into shape and make his dreams come true. 

Keep fighting

When Donnelly shared Jared's pictires in the post, he expected that there would be a few jokesters who might want to poke fun at his frame, but the comments following were nothing but supportive. 

Many people praised him for battling cancer while also kicking butt at the gym. He's definitely an inspiration. No doubt about that. 

Jared's progress

Jared recently created an Instagram account where he regularly shared updates about his physical progress. He hopes to inspire others in similar situations who also have goals like he does. 

Just taking a look at his recent posts, you can tell he has come a long way since he started this journey back in March. He has clearly gained some weight and muscles as well. It's great to see that he never gave up. 

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Donnelly's son set up a GoFundMe account for Jared in case there are others who would like to contribute to this young man's journey. Thanks to this, they have been able to raise over $4000 for Jared, which may help him go a long way. 

We are so amazed by this young man's strength and determination. It's our wish to see him go all the way. Good luck, Jared. 

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