Police Officer Saved A Choking Baby Who Couldn't Breathe For Over A Minute

October 18, 2018 12:15

How well are we prepared for emergencies? It may seem we are ready to rush for the rescue of our children if something happens, but in fact, our lack of skills can be the reason for our eventual failures.

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This footage of a baby choking is one very good piece of evidence. The mother, Ana Graham, noticed her 14-year-old baby girl, Lucia, had choked on her food and could not breathe. She tried to clear her airways from obstruction by tapping on her upper back, but nothing worked. Terrified, Graham cried for help and, fortunately, two police officers rushed from the food court and took over the rescue mission.

The baby couldnt breathe for at least one minute, but the little girl’s airway was freed from a piece of food quickly and she can be seen breathing again at the end of the video. That’s such a relief!

Officer Robert Ayala credits his training for being able to act quickly:

This thing happened so fast, you didn’t have time to react. It’s just like muscle memory.

Every year, he undergoes training for emergencies situations, including choking in adults and infants.

It’s creepy to think that another second could have cost a baby's life!

The situation is so common that it happens at least once in every single family – babies and toddlers swallow tiny objects all the time. Unfortunately, sometimes they may obstruct breathing and lead to tragic consequences.

St. John Ambulance, a first-aid training organization, created an entertaining video that teaches first aid for cases involving chocking. It’s titled "The Chokeables” and features the most common objects children choke on.

The princess-doll explains 2 simple first-aid techniques:

1. Put a baby face-down on your thigh and perform 5 back blows;

2. If the object is still in the airways, turn the baby over and give them 5 chest thrusts;

3. If these steps produce no results, call an ambulance immediately!

Do not linger: any second matters! Hopefully, parents will never need to take the third step.

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