There Is A Woman Posing On This Picture: Where Is She?

Date October 17, 2018 12:27

Your first thought might be: "It’s only an autumn shot of an old gate!" In fact, there is a woman posing for this photo. Have a closer look. You may need some time and concentration!

Do you see a woman here? If you are ready to give up, here is the answer.

The woman is sitting by the tree! Have another look at the tree trunk coming out of the ground. The upper body of the model is painted as its bark! The lower body is green and yellow, just as the ground with the autumn leaves. The choice of the tints and shades is incredible! The model has become a part of the tree, and you can barely spot her there.

_dewaldo / Instagram

Jörg Düsterwald, an amazing artist from Germany,  is a pro in creating such brainteasers.

He creates fascinating natural patterns on people’s bodies, making them blend in with their surroundings. Although gawking at his works and trying to find the person hiding in there may be intriguing, being a part of it must be much better!

Sometimes, his works are so flawless that it’s hard to spot the actual person hiding there.

The painter has created many camouflage pictures like these ones, just have a look! It’s impossible not to admire them.

Be attentive, finding a model on each photo may take a while! It may seem easy at first, but then it gets harder and harder.

It’s amazing how creative some people can get! This body-painter is definitely one of a kind!

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