Real Life Rapunzel From Russia Stuns With Beautiful Knee-Length Hair That She Hasn't Cut For 14 Years

September 21, 2018 18:42

Long and healthy hair is an impossible dream for many women! However, handling the luxurious mane is not that easy. Besides the special care required to make it strong and shining, it’s important to manage the long locks every day!

We all want to make sure styling does not take plenty of time and the length does not come in the way of doing routine things.

One woman from Russia proved all of this is possible. This real-life Rapunzel has grown her hair to the knees and become an Instagram star with more than 200,000 followers.

She hasn’t been to the hair salon for 14 years and does not plan to have her braids cut any time soon, claiming that her hair brings nothing but pleasure to her and her family.

Her aim now is growing it until it reaches her toes.

Even though some commenters have advised her on donating hair to cancer patients to make wigs, her decision is unknown on this matter.

Daria Gubanova does not post only amazing pictures and videos of her gorgeous flocks, but she also shares tips and tricks to growing healthy and strong hair

Her secret is taking Vitamins A, E, C,  and applying hair masks from vegetable oils: flax, coconut, olive, and jojoba oils to be precise.

Using onion juice on the roots is helpful against hair loss, especially in the postpartum period.

Not everyone knows that, in order to keep the hair shiny, it is necessary to hide it from the sun, frost, and salty water.

She has also shared that herbal tea has been great for moisturizing and stimulating hair growth. She recommends using chamomile, birch leaves, and nettles. 

It’s not only Daria: Rapunzel is also her daughters' favourite princess. From the family shots, we can see that the girls are eager to follow in their mother’s beauty standards.

The woman receives words of admiration every day! Some say she is the spitting image of the fairy-tale-inspired Disney heroine. What do you think?

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