Mom Recreates Iconic Women's Looks On Her Baby Girl And The Result Is Absolutely Perfect

August 14, 2018

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to come up with great shots if you are packed with energy and creativity! This mother from Illinois has just proved it. The pictures of her baby daughter being posted on Instagram are pure art, as the baby girl is dressed as influential and inspirational women.

Jenelle Wexler is fond of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo so, when her daughter was 3 months old, Janelle came up with an idea to recreate Kahlo's traditional and famous look on a baby.

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The result encouraged her to continue experimenting with photography! Sewing has always been her hobby, and this way she could combine two of her life passions.

Wexler has made the outfits and accessories all by herself, taking advantage of her two kids' nap time. He has a 2-year-old son, River, and a 3-month-old, Liberty.   

While the kids were asleep in their beds, Janelle was creating some amazing costumes. The ideas kept coming, and mommy could not wait to immortalize them in pictures.

On her Instagram page, you can find the Queen, Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Dolly Parton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Billie Jean King, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and many more.

Those are just some of the female icons who have left a footprint in people’s minds!

In addition to pretty pictures, the creative mom provides the viewers with a piece of important information. She gives her followers some insight into the lives of the women protrayed, and what impact they have made on history and culture.

In an interview to t People, Wexler said

We come up with the idea and then I research the woman that I’m portraying. Then, I figure out their bio and what outfit I can come up with that is best going to portray the reference picture that I’m using.

According to the mom, Liberty loves the photo-shoots and she always feels relaxed and comfortable in mommy’s costumes.

Both ladies receive plenty of love and admiration on social media! Liberty, for her adorable smile and great acting skills, and Jenelle for her amazing creativity and talent. On her part, Wexler is happy to provide people with joy, as well as educate and inspire them.

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