Man Was Crying When Airport Worker Forced Him To Throw A Priceless Gift Away - But One Lady Decided To Help Out

May 29, 2018

This story is about the gift of kindness and the pleasure of paying it forward. When Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend were at the airport, they saw a man, almost moved to tears, being forced to throw away an object of a great sentimental value. 

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This object was a simple snow globe, however, it meant a lot for the man. As the globe contained liquid, airport workers couldn't allow him to take it onto the plane. So, the TSA worker couldn't help but direct the man to throw this priceless trinket away.

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Michael Moore seemed to be very upset when he threw the snowball into the garbage. He was about to cry, and that was when Amarri and her boyfriend decided it was prime time to help.

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Little did Mr. Moore know about Amarri's plans. He flew back home to Ohio, saying thousands of farewells to this priceless gift in his mind.

As Amarri and her boyfriend were waiting for the flight, they watched how Michael tossed an object of sentimental away. Minutes later, Amarri retrieved the object and immediately understood why it was so important to Michael.

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Inside the package, Amarri found a personalized snow globe. The image of a little girl with a dog was on one side, and the image of an older couple smiling was on the other.

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On the bottom of the globe, a sentimental phrase was engraved: 'We love you Katie, Nana & Papa 1/25/2016.' Amarri decided it was her mission to find the owner of that snow globe.

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When Amarri posted the photo of the gift on Facebook, it went viral right away. People from all over the world started sharing the post in an attempt to help the rightful owner reunite with its lost-and-found gift.

Though more than 54,000 people shared the post, nothing prominent happened, at least until a Things Remembered employee saw it. The employee recognized the globe as one of their products, so tracking down where it was made wasn't very difficult. Soon, Hernandez would be able to track down the couple and meet the woman in the picture to return the snow globe.

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The couple, Linda and Bill Modry, had purchased this symbolic gift as a present to their son, Mr. Moore.

Linda Modry / Facebook

This globe commemorated the adoption of Moore's 5-year-old daughter, Kate. Michael was very heart-broken to throw the present away, and he didn't believe he would ever reunite with it again.

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Days later, Hernandez met Mrs. Modry and returned the lost-and-found gift personally.

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Ironically, it was raining when Mrs. Modry picked the globe up - and they were all crying.

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Amarri and Linda dialed Michael to give him the heart-warming news. Watch their exchange below.

There's nothing as inspiring as a story about small actions that can make people feel great happiness!

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