64-Year-Old Irish Priest Takes The BGT Stage! He Begins To Sing And Blows Everyone Away

May 3, 2018 13:35

One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing a talented person show his/her gift. Young or old, male or female, we're captivated by anyone who is amazing at what they do. 

One of such people is Father Ray Kelly. He's an Irish Priest whose incredible talent caught the attention of many long before he came to audition for Britain's Got Talent.

invitationlovejesus / YouTube

In a video published in 2014, the reverend sang a beautiful song as a surprise for couple Chris and Leah O'Kane on their wedding day. It was a rendition of the 'Hallelujah Song'. Father Ray switched some of the lyrics so it would be unique to the happy couple.

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That video was a massive hit online. It has more than 60 million views, making Father Ray a true internet sensation.

This was never the intention when he performed for Chris and Leah so he was pretty shocked when he started receiving calls about how viral he has come. 

Father Ray Kelly / Facebook

The Parish Priest then decided to take his talent in front of Britain's Got Talent judges. The 64-year-old chose to sing a version of REM's 'Everybody Hurts.'

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He explained to the judges about how he went viral four years prior. Judge Simon Cowell was quick to ask him why he decided to audition for the talent show. He said:

Well, I thought maybe I’d be the first singing priest maybe to win ‘Britain’s Got Talent.

The priest was also asked why he chose that particular song and he replied saying it was a music that was near and dear to his heart:

Being a priest, you get in touch with a lot of pain and a lot of joy and happiness as well.

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Then he began to sing. Right from the very first note, he captured the attention of the judges and the audience.The way he sang, the words he used and the pure passion he displayed was enough to have everyone spellbound. In fact, it was so good that Simon Cowell called it "one of my favorite-ever auditions."

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Check it out below.

You cannot tell us that this performance did not bring a tear to your eye. He's a pretty fantastic singer and we're glad we got to witness this wonder. 

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