95-Year-Old Veteran Jumps Off The Diving Board To Encourage A Young Boy To Be Brave

July 13, 2018

There are few braver people than veterans who served in the military, since they know exactly how to fight their fears. This 95-year-old man climbed up on a diving board in order to support a boy from the neighborhood, who was too afraid to jump.

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It didn’t come easy for U.S. Air Force veteran Daniel Biss. As he got on the board, with the help of his cane, he continued moving towards the edge with his family and friends’ assistance. There was a moment when it seemed the man would fall, so we were a ball of nerves watching as he took his steps.

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However, Biss was truly invincible. Despite the weakness in his knees, he made it to the edge and even flexed his muscles to impress the viewers. Then the man jumped and was greeted by rousing cheers for his bravery.

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Daniel's daughter, Christine Ross, recorded the moment her father took the plunge into the pool. She told the USA Today that her dad is “very spry for his age” and added:

He is full of amazing stories and has a song for every situation.

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Wow, what a spirit! It is interesting to know that the brave man’s 72-year-old wife is also a veteran, who served in the Coast Guard as an administrative aid.

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The footage went viral and received unswerving support and admiring comments! People could not stop praising Daniel for his youthfulness and expressed gratitude for his years in the military service protecting the peace and freedom of their home country.

His family had no idea he would actually jump, so it came as a surprise to them all. His grandson, Kevin Ross, added:

He said soon after this video that he wants to be seen around the world.

That’s a valuable lesson from the WWII and Korean War veteran. If you are determined to do something, nothing can ever stop you, not even fear.

Source: Militarykind Stories / Facebook

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