Which Glass Has More Water? This Puzzle Can Boost Your Thinking Skills To The Max

September 14, 2018

Were you good at physics at school? Now you have a chance to check it out by doing this fun test. Look at the picture; you see four glasses of water with different objects in them. The question is, which glass has more water?

This puzzle will boost your brainwork, making you use your thinking abilities to the maximum. Now the level of water is even in all glasses, but what will happen once we take all the objects out?

Are you ready for the right answer?

The glass with a paper clip contains more water than the others. The thing is, when we put something in the water, the weight of the object displace it. The paper clip has the minimal weight among the other things, so it almost does not take any space.

Did you need much time to figure that out?

If you didn’t come up with the right answer, do not worry! It just means you have something to catch up. There are a few techniques that help us improve thinking and they are definitely worth trying:

  • Start doing exercises. It will enrich your body with the oxygen that activates the brainwork.

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  • Let the fresh air it – sometimes we don’t even notice that we are stuck in the stuffy room. Open the windows, let the air in, it will refresh your environment and your head!

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  • Ditch soda, replace it with water instead. High sugar intake does not help your thinking skills.

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Train your brain regularly! The muscles become fit and toned through the physical activity, but your brain gets sharper with mental exercises. Read, memorize and, learn new information every day!

Do you need more inspiration today? Here is a fun video to boost your creativity to the maximum!


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