40-Year-Old Man Gets The Internet Hooked On His Impressive Dancing Skills As He Flawlessly Crushes A Hip-Hop Routine In A Viral Video


March 11, 2019 11:12 By Mambee

Let’s admit we are all suckers for the viral dance videos we see on the internet. We are mesmerized by well-executed dancing moves, especially when it’s a hip-hop routine. How much do you know about hip-hop dancing, though?

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Facts about hip-hop dancing

Hip-hop is a dance style that evolved from the hip-hop culture, which in turn was born from several cultures like jazz, rock, American, and Latina. In order to perfect a hip-hop dance routine, it is necessary to practice a lot.

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Also, people with a good sense of rhythm tend to perfect their routines more easily. You can enroll in any dance studio or class in your area to learn hip-hop routines.

The 40-year-old stepper

While many people tend to put a break on intense physical activities at the age of 40. Mike Alancourt doesn't feel that way as he is still dishing hot dancing moves for all to see.

In a video that went viral on Instagram, Mike was seen dropping some crazy moves to Post Malone’s hit tune ‘Wow’ at 1 Vibe Dance in Jacksonville.

Will Smith / Instagram

The agile man was dressed in a black T-shirt, paired with black slacks, and he choreographed the routine perfectly.

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Mike’s moves impressed everyone, including the awesome Will Smith, who posted the video on his Instagram with a caption that read:

“YOOOOOOO! Dude is SLAYIN’ this thing!!”

We agree! Mike was really slaying it. The viral video reached over 8 million views during the first 22 hours after its upload.

Mike’s moves have swept people off their feet

Will Smith isn’t the only one who has been blown away by Mike’s dancing prowess, as many more people have taken to Facebook to praise his extraordinary skill.

To be 40 years old and still move like that is no small feat. At this rate, Mike is well on his way to becoming a dancing sensation!

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