Challenging Riddle: ‘What Has Eyes But Cannot See?’ Can You Solve It?


April 15, 2019 13:41 By Mambee

Here’s a riddle for you; “Can you guess what has eyes but cannot see”

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Tricky, right?

Research has proven that your brain needs exercises to help expand your knowledge and brain capacity.

While we do not mean literally lifting weights with your mind, it is recommended to give your brain tasks that will challenge your thinking and reasoning.

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There are various ways to challenge your brain. You can decide to solve puzzles, riddles, and even mathematical problems.

There are millions of riddles all over the world, and while they might seem hard to uncover at first, the answers to a riddle are usually straightforward.

You just need to think out, above and below the box.

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If you are faced with a riddle, do not panic. Instead, breathe and try to think it out.

You might wonder how solving riddles can help your brain. Well, here are a few ways:

  • It boosts your memory;
  • It reduces the risk of dementia;
  • It improves brain activity and concentration.

Apart from all these, puzzles are also very entertaining.

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Now that you know the benefits of riddles, would you like to give it a try?

Think. What could have an eye but not see...

Did you get it?

If did, good job! If you didn't, don't be discouraged: keep practicing. There are million other riddles for you to try out. Make sure you do! 

A riddle takes effort and concentration to look and search for the answer. Which in this case:

The answer is a needle! 

You see a needle has an ”eye”, where the thread is passed through, but it can't see with it can't it? No! 

Good luck trying more riddles. 

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