This Tricky Math Task Is Guaranteed To Sharpen Your Mind


April 12, 2019 16:49 By Mambee

The importance of logical thinking cannot be overemphasized as it is a skill that helps a person cope with tasking day-to-day activities.

Logical thinking helps one to reach reasonable conclusions and solutions to problems through the process of deduction and rationalization.

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According to Dr. Karl Albrecht, logical reasoning is usually based on sequential thinking, that is, taking the crucial facts of a problem, arranging them and deriving a solution.

Logical thinking skills help a person to increase their store of knowledge, which increases their understanding of problems and, thereby, their wisdom in solving such problems.

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Can you solve this math riddle?

For most people, when they are confronted with a riddle of any kind, they give up within seconds of trying to find the answer.

However, this should not be the case. A riddle should challenge you to settle down, think deeply and reason out the answer through elimination and rationalization.

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In this mathematical riddle, a series of numbers are given, and you are required to guess the next number in the sequence. Can you figure it out?

The first step is to find the correct pattern to the sequence of numbers. Once you successfully figure out the pattern, then you're on the home stretch.

The insight to the pattern is that every number in the series, except for the first two numbers, is the sum of it's two preceding numbers.

Since the pattern is now known, finding the next number is less of a herculean task.

Ways to hone your logical reasoning skills

Although a select few are born with extraordinary logical thinking skills, it is possible for everyone to become quite skilled in logical reasoning and here are some tips on how to get there.

1. Dive into mystery books and engage yourself in games such as crosswords, sudoku, etc.

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2. Also, participating in physical exercises has been found to sharpen the mind while indulging in classical music will also help to do the same.

3. Engage yourself with people socially, participate in debates, learn a new language and, with time, your reasoning skills will become superior.

Finally, do not run away from mathematics as it is one of the best exercises for the brain.

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