Siblings Have To Work Alongside Parents And Repair Shoes In Order To Survive And Go To School

July 5, 2019

In some parts of the Philippines, life is far from being comfortable. The adults in the family have to toil every day to get by, and sometimes these barely bearable responsibilities trickle down to the younger ones. So was the case for Micko and Manuelita Borbon.

The two kids have to run over to their parent's shoe repair workshop every day after school to help their parents and support their family. Thanks to a Facebook user Jernnanie Jethro Juaton's post, the world's attention has been brought to their plight. According to Juaton's post, Micko, 12, and Manuelita, 13, are the first two kids of low earning couple Emmanuel and Mary Ann.

Unable to afford their own house, the family lives in a tiny rented apartment at Wescom Road in Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City. They run a shoe repairing business.

The business isn't enough to cater for all of the family's needs, which includes Manuelita and Micko's education as they are in Grade 8 and Grade 7, respectively.

This is what prompted the pair to come work at the shop to offer a lending hand to their parents every day when they were done with school at the Palawan National High School. Fortunately, the viral post, which featured the images of the kids working in the repair shop, has helped the family gain public sympathy and individuals willing to contribute to ensuring better living conditions for them.

Among them was the children's school Principal, Dr. Eduardo Santos, who made it known that appropriate measures were being looked into to help the family. Micko and Manuelita, whom their parents revealed picked up on the shoe repair skills by themselves without being taught, hope to complete their education and become soldiers.

Growing up for these kids may have been very rough, but rather than sulk, they have chosen to make the best of their situation and work hard. Their story indeed inspires many, and we hope that a solution is provided to their plight.

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