Hello From The Other Side: Man Gets a Special Visit From Yellow Butterfly And Believes It's His Late Mother

July 12, 2019

A number of animals are special symbols in various cultures. In some parts of the world, a butterfly represents the soul, while in others a yellow butterfly is a symbol of guidance and hope. When this young man came in contact with one, it was exactly what he needed.

Cole Shinsky is a left-handed college pitcher who lost his mother in 2010. Before she died, she had said something that stuck with him.

She had predicted that one day she would be a yellow butterfly.


It's 2019 and, quite auspiciously, Shinsky got an unexpected visitor around Mother's Day. He was fishing at his aunt's house when she walked slowly towards him at the dock with something gently clasped in her hands and tears in her eyes.

He was taken aback to realize that it was a yellow butterfly.

He gently took the visitor with him into the house, as it crawled all the way up to his left shoulder - his pitching arm - and stayed there until he went back outside.

Beyond being a fulfillment of his mother's promise, the visit had come when he needed it the most. He told The Dodo:

"I think she specifically came to visit because I am currently in the middle of looking for a different school and I've been having a rough time at college. She was just letting me know that she is still here."

Overcome with emotions, he decided to share the wonderful moment with his Twitter family, some of whom shared similar experiences.

His tweet has gotten over 179,000 retweets and over a million likes. Many internet users were touched by his story and shared similar experiences they had.

It is great that Cole got such encouragement at a time when he a burst of hope and support. Do you believe that our loved ones can visit us from the Great Beyond through animals?

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