There's An 11-Foot Long Statue Of Christ 20 Feet Down Lake Michigan And It's Quite Difficult To Get A Glimpse Of It


March 13, 2019 14:29 By Mambee

Deep down Lake Michigan is where one fascinating statue of Christ resides. 

This is not an artwork that is readily accessible for just anyone. Sure, if you have scuba gear, you're in luck and can visit anytime.

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Otherwise, you will have to brave the cold and trek out in late February or early March to peer through a hole in the ice inside a tent to see it.

The statue is 11 feet tall, WGRZ reports. Created with 1,800-pound Italian marble, it depicts Christ on the cross.

So how did this artifact get there? It's believed that the statue was initially placed 65 feet off the shore of Little Traverse Bay, in 1962. The Superior Marine Divers Club wanted it there as a way to honor a diver who drowned in Torch Lake.

Later on, it was rededicated to those who have lost their lives at sea. To figure out the name behind the statue, Dennis Jessick, who was president of the Little Traverse Bay Dive Club in the ’80s, followed certain clues about the artifact including a broken arm.

Jessick eventually tracked the name of the person who the statue memorialized to Gerald Schapinski. An identical statue laid at the Rapson Cemetery where Schapinski was buried.

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Every year since 1986, several people visit the Little Traverse Bay Dive Club to view the cross. The viewing event is free and the specific date for viewing is announced on the Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau's website.

Those who have seen it have great things to say about the experience.

This sounds like an artifact that will be fantastic to view. With its rich history and fascinating location, we can understand why so many people are drawn to it yearly.

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