91-Year-Old Man Playing The Piano In A Train Station Gets A Big Surprise When A Famous Singer Joins Him In A Beautiful Duet

April 2, 2019

Here's the magical thing about life: You can do the same thing every day and then one day, your whole life changes thanks to a small deviation in that routine. One elderly man knew how that felt like when he had a surprise encounter with a famous person. 

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You see, three times a week, a 91-year-old man named Denis Robinson, from London, England, would apparently go to the St. Pancras train station and play the piano.

Most people didn't pay much attention to him but, even as they passed by, they could appreciate his music. This was how his days went, until one day, he met a professional singer and that changed everything.

You may know Ceili O’Connor as one of the stars of 'Cats.' Ceili and her colleagues from the show were passing by when they spotted Denis. Rather than appreciate his music and pass on by, Ceili decided to stop for a minute. 

One of her colleagues and fellow actor on the show, Matthew Rowland, had a shrewd suspicion that this would be an amazing moment so he brought out his camera, ready to record.

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Ceili, who plays the role of Gumbie/Jennyanydots in the show in addition to being Grizabella's understudy, is a pretty fantastic singer. So, when she approached Denis and began to sing the lyrics to 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', it immediately clear that this was an incredible duet.

There was no doubt that these two were making good music together especially considering that a crowd had soon gathered around the pair to listen and watch their performance.

Matthew later shared this heartwarming clip on his Twitter page where he revealed that they were on their way to Brussels as part of the 'Cats' musical tour when they saw Denis playing.

Captured a bit of the magic here. He was so sweet, saying Ceili ‘made his day’ and that she must be ‘in a show.’

In a world where people mostly see bad news and heartbreaking stories, it's no surprise that this particular piece of beauty went viral. People naturally have fantastic things to say about the performance.

Ceili herself also shared a Tweet thanking everyone for the positive responses. She, however, reminded them that the person who deserved the accolades was the old man named Denis because he proved that it's never too late to pursue what makes you happy.

We're just so glad that such a moment was captured. Not only did we enjoy Ceili's impromptu performance and the amazing way she made this man's day, but we also cannot ignore the lesson here. Keep doing what you love no matter your age. You never know when you'll have a life-changing experience.

Life has to be filled with happy moments! It is so important not to overlook them. Here is a powerful story to prove it.

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