Can You Fix The Last Equation? You've Got Only 10 Seconds For The Task!


April 17, 2019 13:52 By Mambee

Despite popular opinion, math can be fun! If it’s so hard to believe, you should try solving this math equation.

It can improve your day and distract you from the routine, but also give your brain a bit of training. Get ready.

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In the picture, there are 4 equations, but only the last one is not finished. Your task is to find the number which goes after the equal sign.

The faster you can find a solution, the better. The clock is ticking!

Students always underestimate the role of math in their daily life, that’s why they neglect it during schooling. However, the ability to fix math puzzles has a number of benefits:

  • It helps to improve the level of concentration, which affects our productivity;
  • It promotes faster problem-solving skills;
  • It improves memory and makes us learn faster.

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These benefits can drastically improve personal and professional life.

Could you find the solution fast?

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Here is a hint:

  1. There are three equal parts in the equation (cats), so 24 / 3 = 8.
  2. 8 + fish + fish = 10. That means fish = 1.
  3. (8 + 1) / 3 * parrot = 6. Thus (9) / 3 is 3. 3 * 2 = 6.
  4. 1 * 8 / 2 = 4

The answer is 4! Be honest, how fast could you cope with this one?

Now you know, that math can be entertaining and beneficial. Come back to us for more inspiration.

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