Can You Handle This Math Task? This Simple Equation Can Make You Break A Sweat

May 21, 2019

Do you care about your brain? The well-being of a person depends on their physical and mental health. We are concerned about regular gym training and the right diet, but we may completely neglect the development of our cognitive skills.

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One of the great ways to boost it is solving riddles and puzzles, including math equations. Math isn’t boring as it may seem. On the contrary, it can give you a chance to train the brain as though it were a muscle.

Ready for today’s challenge? Here is a  math equation for you. The task is to find the right result. 

6 + 54 / 2 – 4 * 5 = ?

What comes after the equal sign?

Let’s face it, we rarely count in our minds these days but prefer to use a calculator. People tend to save time when it’s possible. That’s probably why they invented smart machines which can do the counting for us.

However, the strength of the brain is determined by the ability to think fast, solve problems efficiently, and use logic for completing everyday assignments.

The first thing that helps solve this math equation is the order of operations. Do you remember them, don't you? In this case, we divide first, then multiply, add and subtract.

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54 / 2 = 27

4 * 5 = 20

6 + 27 – 20 = 13

Is that what you got?

13 is the right answer. Share how fast you could count it, and come back for more useful and entertaining tasks for your brain!

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