This Simple Task Can Be Quite Tricky! How Fast Can You Solve This Math Equation?

May 13, 2019 16:41

Mathematics is greatly underestimated nowadays. This science lies in the foundation of people’s culture and can be applied to any sphere of our life.

Are you friends with math? Let’s check it by trying to solve this simple, yet tricky equation.

There is a math equation on the picture, however, it is unfinished. What comes after the equal sign?

(25-11) * 3 = ?

The faster you can cope with the task the better! And while you’re scratching your head over it, we are here to suggest the benefits of practicing math daily.


It improves the ability to investigate, develops curiosity, and trains you to find solutions easily.

Math makes us use an analytic approach towards any life issue. /

It also teaches us to think deeper – collect data and process it, analyze and understand the connection between the reason and the consequence.

Mathematics boosts cognitive skills and make us more disciplined. These skills improve the overall quality of life, both professional and personal.

turgaygundogdu /

Sounds exciting, right?

Could you cope with the math equation? Here is the hint: you need to handle the parentheses first.

25 – 11 = 14

14 * 3 = 42

The right answer is 42. Did you find it without a calculator?

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