60-Year-Old Woman Wins The Title Of "The Most Beautiful Grandmother In The World" And Goes Viral

May 14, 2019 16:06

Odessa resident Svitlana Gass, who celebrates her 60th birthday in 2019, has won many beauty contests in her life. The woman owns a beauty salon in Odessa and spares no resources to stay young and beautiful.

Svitlana’s husband died when their daughter was 11 years old, so she had to start making money to fend for the family. She worked as a saleswoman and eventually decided to establish her own business. Svitlana's dreams to open a beauty salon offering innovational techniques for Odessa women came into reality a few years later.

Today, Svitlana offers free beauty days for pensioners, generously treating them with a dose of love and care in her salon. Besides working on her project and raising her child, the woman has also been working out a lot. Svitlana has visited the gym, the swimming pool and attended fitness lessons. In fact, even after becoming a grandmother, the woman has continued doing sports.

As a result, Svitlana looks absolutely gorgeous in her 60s. This is exactly the reason why the whole world is impressed with her flawless body and smooth skin.

Svitlana Gass became popular only a few years ago after her daughter convinced her to participate in a Bulgarian beauty contest for older women.

Svitlana intimated that she was confused and did not want to participate at first. Eventually, however,  the woman won the title of "The Most Beautiful Grandmother."

Thus, the contest gave her an opportunity to be noticed by representatives of the American beauty contest. They invited Svitlana to Atlanta, where she also got her well-deserved victory. 

Svitlana Gass revealed that her main beauty secret was not a secret at all: She simply leads an active and healthy lifestyle and eats properly. Moreover, the woman applies different beauty treatments, such as body massages and body wraps, facial massages and hair treatments. Her life slogan is:

“Life after 50 is just beginning.”

Today the most beautiful grandma in the world has a lovely 12-year-old grandson. At the cornerstone of her worldview is the need to love oneself and the world. People can't believe her age and Svitlana herself also admits she doesn't feel like a 60-year-old woman. While her neighbors of the same age are constantly complaining about their health and life, she is traveling around the globe. 

Svitlana intimates in her Instagram profile:

My beauty secret is harmony in everything! I love life! I love myself and the world and friends! I admire people who know how to surprise. And most importantly - I love my family, it gives me strength and love!

The woman looks amazing because she feels inner and outer harmony, loves and respects herself. It never hurts to take some extra time for meditation and body care. Love the world and remember that you are a part of it! 

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