Gardening Is The New Form Of Exercising: Research Shows It Can Be As Healthy As Going To The Gym

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April 12, 2019 14:33 By Mambee

Raise your hands if you love gardening! Mother Nature gives us so much, and the least we can do is give a little of our time to tend to her needs.

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It turns out that gardening is not only good for mother nature: it also improves our health! Surprising, right?

While it might be hard to squeeze in the 150 minutes of workout your body needs per week going to the gym, research has shown that you can have the same physical and emotional benefits of going to the gym by doing a less straining exercise: gardening.

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Long-term research from across the world - China, Texas, North Carolina - has linked what many call ’leisure-time physical activity’ to a higher life span. These leisure-time physical activities include gardening, dancing, or going for a walk.

In the experiment, it was observed that engaging in those activities for 10-59 minutes per week led to an 18% decrease in mortality. They researched for 11 years and studied over 90,000 participants.

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There are many benefits from gardening, and they include:

  • An excellent source of Vitamin D;
  • Decreased risk of dementia;

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  • It helps to boost ones’ mood.

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Need we go on?

There are so many things you can gain from gardening, which is why, as parents, you should inculcate in your children the habit of gardening and taking pleasure in the process.

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  • Make it a fun process, get colorful gardening kits;
  • Allow them to plant their favorite flowers;
  • Explain to them the benefits of gardening.  

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We do hope you've learned something new here! Make good use of this information and start getting healthier the easy way.

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