Toning Inner Thighs: 5 Best Moves To Help You Build The Legs Of Your Dreams

April 22, 2019

Having slender legs is one of every woman's dreams. They get engaged in endless gym sessions and cardio training to see the perfect image in the mirror. But some fat is more stubborn than others.

A female body tends to store extra fat in hips, thighs and buttocks, providing physiological benefits for a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and nursing.

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Exercises for inner thighs

Inner thighs muscles are the least involved in everyday movements, so they often appear flabby and slack.

However, there are certain exercises to strengthen the inner thighs, making them toned and flexible.

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Do you feel like having a workout? Here are effective and fun moves for you:

Wide-legged plie squat

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Put your feet in a wider-than-shoulder-width position, pointing the toes out. Go down into a squat by pushing your butt backward.

Side lunge

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Stand with your feet together, then step with your right foot to the right side and lunge toward the floor.

Curtsy lunge

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Take a step back with your right leg, putting it behind the left one, crossing the thighs. Go down into a lunge. Your front knee should be aligned with the front ankle.

Resistant band clams

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Place a resistant band around your knees, and lie on the side. Bend the knees. Lift the top leg up, keeping your feet together.

Extended leg lift

Lie on your side, bend your top leg over your bottom one and put a foot on the ground. Lift the bottom leg as high as you can, hold the position.

Step up

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Step up on a platform with one leg, slowly step down with the same leg.

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These exercises will help you shape the legs and strengthen the muscles, improving protection for the knee joints at the same time.

Focus on performing these exercises twice a week, but do not forget to incorporate moves to target all the body parts into your training.

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Despite the popular misconception that target fat loss is possible, the process is more complex. Training legs don’t mean burning leg fat specifically. In order to use more fat cells as energy, it’s important to do exercises to engage multiple muscles for a longer period of time.

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If you dream of making your thighs slimmer, take time and effort to train hard, targeting the whole body. Do not forget that healthy eating is 80 percent of your success.

Have fun with the exercises and go for your dream!  

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