Yoga Instructor Designed An Exercise That Can Help Define Your Waist, Strengthen Your Back And Develop Flexibility

June 20, 2019

Being a couch potato. Not exercising. A sedentary or inactive lifestyle. You have probably heard of all of these phrases, and they mean the same thing: an individual who does not practice regular amounts of physical activity and leads a lifestyle with a lot of sitting and lying down.

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 A variety of studies warn that sedentary lifestyles are likely to be causing as many deaths as smoking. Moreover, an inactive lifestyle can affect back work and weight gain in the waist area. It also contributes to obesity, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. 

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Tamayo Arya, a Japanese yoga instructor, has shared a move to help to prevent some of these risks and to get a slimmer waist through a simple exercise routine. Moreover, it helps to relax your loin and, therefore, relieve lower back pain, which in turn is quite an effective way to improve circulation in your legs and avoid varicose veins and other leg problems. 

How to perform the exercise

First things first: Stretch out your muscles before starting the workout. 

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  • Stand with your legs wide apart and place your hands on your knees;
  • Bend down to an optimum level, keeping your back straight;

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  • Lean forward and twist your torso towards your left side with your right shoulder;
  • Hold the position for three seconds;

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  • Return to the original position, relax for a few seconds and repeat the same action but in the opposite direction. 

This quick mini-workout will help you to make your waist thinner, strengthen your back, and develop flexibility. It can boost your metabolism and fix a hunchback posture. Tamayo Arya herself has an Instagram page with more than 4000 followers where she shares her techniques and tells how she managed to transform her body into something she was proud of. 

Remember that it's never too late! Whether you’re in your middle age or your golden years, the benefits of yoga exercises are profound. Yoga can improve our overall health and help you shed a few extra pounds with minimal risk.

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