Bridesmaid Gets The Best Revenge After Bride Tells Her To Cut Her Hair And Forbids Bringing Her Boyfriend To The Wedding

May 14, 2019

Brides have been known to get very stressed in the days leading up to their wedding. But does this mean it's okay for them to do as they please and treat people however they like? This bridesmaid doesn't think so.

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What is the role of a bridesmaid?

Depending on the type of wedding, the role of the bridesmaid might vary. The bottom line is that they are there to offer support to the bride on all things concerning the wedding. They basically help to ensure that all of the bride's vision of her big day comes to pass by assisting with logistics and other technicalities.

This bride might have stepped over the line

A woman named Leliana Jenkins shared a story about how she put her foot down when her friend seemed to be taking things too far. She explained that everything started on a happy note.

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Leliana was excited when she learned that her friend's partner had proposed to her. Leliana wanted to make sure her wedding dreams came true and couldn't wait to get started on planning the big day. As time went on, things took a sour turn, though.

One of the first things that bothered her was that the bride had picked the most unflattering outfit for the bridesmaids to wear, which they were required to pay for

It was a long, tight, off-white number that did me zero favors.

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Then the bride went further and humiliated her friend in front of everyone in the fitting room by saying that the dress looked bad because Leliana wasn't tall and skinny like the other bridesmaids.

Leliana said the bride made another strange request.

She also asked me to get my long, red hair cut short with a fringe because it would match the 1920s flapper style of her wedding better.

The bridesmaid politely declined, after which the bride got so upset that she didn't talk to her for over two weeks. Leliana tried to tell herself that the bride was just having a stressful time of things, but things took a wrong turn when the soon-to-be-married woman told her bridesmaid that she couldn't bring her boyfriend of two years to the wedding.

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Evidently, the bride didn't want him there because she just didn't warm up to him.

Leliana decided she had had enough. So, on the wedding day, as she stood next to the bride at the altar, she made the decision to end their friendship. While they were performing the wedding dance, the bridesmaid ate as much cake as she could, ordered a cab and then walked out of her friend's wedding, and her life.

How to know when it's time to end a toxic friendship

Some might argue that Leliana overreacted to a bridezilla situation. But one big sign that you should end things with a toxic friend is when you just know in your heart that it's the right thing to do. It doesn't have to make sense to others. But if your friend crossed a line that makes you feel the friendship has become unhealthy then it's time to go.

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Will you end a friendship for the same reason Leliana did, or will you stick it out and hope things get better after the wedding?

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