Keep Away From Your Phone: Health Experts Claim That Keeping A Phone Too Close To The Body May Be Linked To Infertility And Cancer

October 24, 2018 18:00

Are you inseparable from your phone? We are, just like the rest of the world. The cell phone is now replacing TV, alarm clock, laptops, newspapers, photo cameras, and music launching devices. However, keeping the phone too close to your body is not the best idea!


The California Department of Public Health reports that overexposure to the radiation coming off your phone can be linked to cancer, brain diseases, and infertility.

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This device is constantly sending and receiving signals which are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Even though there is no scientific base to prove its long-term danger, health experts are very concerned about the frequency of phone usage.

Adults, as well as children, are overexposed to the radiation, and they may suffer from the consequences in the future.

The report claims that holding the phone close to the body can trigger memory deterioration, trouble sleeping, the development of brain tumors, different types of cancer and problems with the reproduction system both in men and woman.

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The most dangerous mode of a phone is when it releases the most amount of radiation:

  • During video streaming and downloading large files;
  • As you travel, as your phone is trying to connect to different cell towers;
  • When the signal is weak: Two bars or less means your cell phone desperately tries to connect with a cell tower.

Owning a phone does not mean it will ruin your health! All you need to know is how to reduce the possible harm.

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Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Keep it as far from your body as you can. When speaking over the phone, try using Bluetooth, or a speaker, instead of holding it tight to your head.

2. Do not use the headset if you are not on the call. It releases a small amount of radiation as well.

3. Do not keep a phone in your bed, especially close to your head. Avoid sleeping with the device.

4.  Switch to airplane mode whenever you can, especially when listening to audio files or watching videos.

5. Opt for texting instead of making phone calls.

6. Do not carry it close to your body, in your pockets or attached to your clothes. It is better to keep it in a bag or a briefcase.

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Remember that kids are more vulnerable to the dangerous exposure of radiation, as their brain is still developing. It’s within your power to control the amount of time children spend with the gadget - use it..

It’s impossible to imagine yourself without using this handy device nowadays, isn't it? However, as science is still evolving when it comes to the effects of mobile technology in the human body, experts are raising awareness about the dangers of overuse cell phones. So, think about your health in advance and make sure your phone brings more benefits than harm.  

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