How To Relieve The Back Pain And Strengthen Back And Spine With These 5 Exercises

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April 20, 2018 14:49 By Mambee

Eventually, everyone is suffering from the back pain. It may occur after the physical training or common activities like walking or climbing up the stairs. The back pain problem is especially familiar for people either taking care of small children, gardening, doing housework, or sitting the whole day at the office desk.

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In order to protect yourself from discomfort and ache, it is necessary to stretch and strengthen the back muscles.  Here are few tips to help you avoid or relieve back pain after a hard working day:

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1. Pay attention to your posture. Whether you are sitting, standing or walking, make sure your back is straight. If not, the nerves may get clutched causing painful feelings in your spine.

It does not only make you look confident! There are more benefits of keeping your spine straight – you provide your body with a good mobility and balance, and let your organs sit at the right place. The right posture improves breathing and digestion and helps your muscles and joints work efficiently.

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2. The way you sleep matters. If you are sleeping on your back, the orthopedists advise putting a pillow under your knees. The side sleepers may feel relief after sleeping with the pillow between their knees. The position on the belly should be avoided as it causes the neck twist that puts an additional pressure on the spine.

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3. Exercising

Physical activity is vital! The experts recommend these exercises to tone your back muscles.

#1.  Back arch. This move is great to work the spine and increase its strength and mobility.

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Stand on your knees and hands, lift your head and the pelvis up as you inhale, and then arch your back as you exhale.

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#2. Alternate arm and leg lift. The initial position is the same – stand on your knees and hands. Then reach out the right arm and the left leg. Try to form the straight line with your body, your core muscles should be flexed too. Keep the balance, stay in this position for 5 seconds. It strengthens all the muscles on your back. Go back to the initial position slowly. Then switch arm and leg.

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#3. Happy baby pose.

Lie on your back. As you exhale, bend your knees, grab the outsides of your feet and pull them close to the forehead. This is the happy baby pose, and it will make your spine happy!

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There is one more option – grab your knees instead of the feet, and pull them as close to the chin as you can.

#4. Child pose.

Lower the hips to the heels and keep the knees apart. Bend down and bring your upper body to the floor, stretch the arms straight in front of you. Try to press your chest to the floor. Breathe deeply.

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#5. Cobra pose. One more yoga position to help you tone the back muscles and eliminate annoying pain. Lie on your belly, put the tops of your feet to the floor. Place your palms on the floor in front of you. Lift your chest up, keep the neck long. Keep the gaze in front of you and do not forget to breathe rhythmically. Keep this position for 7-10 seconds.

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Mike Flippin, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in spine care do not recommend practicing bed rest for too long. He advises getting moving as soon as you feel pain and stiffness in your back. Hopefully, these exercises can help you bring back mobility, flexibility and strength of your back and make you feel energetic and healthy!

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