Woman With Alzheimer's Who Could Not Recognize Her Own Son Restores Her Memory After Changing Her Eating Pattern

April 24, 2018

People who suffer from the Alzheimer's disease or the family members who witness their precious close people fading from this condition could give anything for the cure.

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The medics and scientists say, as the disease hits the brain, there are almost no chances for the recovery. There are certain medications that can help with cognitive and behavioral symptoms. Unfortunately, people haven’t still found the cure for this brain damage.

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However, the case of 82-year-old Sylvia Hatzer proves that nothing is impossible. This woman lost her memory and her condition was so serious that she could not recognize her own son.

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All the people seemed strange to her. Once she even though she was kidnapped by a woman, who was actually her nurse.

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Sylvia’s son Mark was concerned about his mother’s health and was almost desperate watching her memory deteriorating. Their relationships have been close and the fact that his mom was losing the touch with reality was too painful.

Instead of consuming more pills, this family decided to try something different. Their idea was too simple - to change the woman’s diet.

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Sylvia started to follow the so-called Mediterranean diet and included the food she rarely ate before - blueberries, strawberries, Brazil nuts, and walnuts. Her meals consisted of broccoli, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, oats, and sweet potatoes.

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In addition to that, Hatzer started drinking green tea with dark chocolate, and in time, Mark could appreciate the results. He did not expect the improvements, but never stopped hoping. In few months, Sylvia’s memory started to get back!

Mark admitted that it was not an overnight miracle, it took a long time and the improvements came piece by piece. His mother started to remember dates, birthdays, became more alert, and engaged.

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That was a miraculous start for the Hatzer’s recovery and, hopefully, her dieting tips could help someone else.

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The Alzheimer’s cannot be cured nowadays, but people can work on preventing this condition by exercising the brain and feeding it properly!

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