“I Know Now, That Diet Is The Number One Factor In Weight Loss” 18-Year-Old Obese Teen Who Lost 60kg All By Herself Shares Her Weight Loss Secret

November 7, 2018

Being obese or overweight has a lot of consequences as it not only affects the health but damages self-esteem and courage.

Sometimes this condition is not necessarily a result of bad eating habits; it could be from genes and so many other causes.

Getting rid of it can be quite a strenuous and expensive process, being almost impossible for some, but all it needs is the will and a few smart choices.

18-year-old Josephine Desgrand is proof of that, and her story is one that has inspired many all over the world.

At 17 Years Old, Josephine, weighed an outstanding 120kg. Nothing seemed to be working for her. In the absence of her self-esteem, she could not get herself to go to the gym.

Things only got worse until Josephine decided it was enough.

If she couldn't get help outside, she was going to get it done herself. Immediately, she made a complete overhaul of her diet. Abandoning all forms of sugary foods amongst many others. She said;

“I treated fruits as a candy bar and only ate a certain amount each week."

She dedicated herself to rigorous workouts three times a week. A diet filled with greens and lacking in carbs and sugar.

Josephine employed the use of YouTube for everything she needed, and then, 12 months later, she became an entirely different person, shedding over 60 kg of weight.

It was amazing! Just a year ago, she had a hard time getting out of the house, but not anymore. And what made her weight loss more amazing is the fact she did all this by herself.

Josephine managed to go to such fantastic lengths by herself, inspiring others like her all over the world.

She mentioned the importance of sticking to physical observations of progress using pictures; a much better option than scales.

Josephine also reminds us of the power of will. This teenager managed to seize her life in her hands and got her dreams fulfilled. Admittedly, it wasn't an easy process, but hard work is guaranteed to pay.

In a quest to help others like her, Josephine now has her own YouTube page where she details her experience, setbacks, and triumph.

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