Ladies Be Careful With Your Tampons: Woman Gets Traumatized After Finding Metal Hook Inside Her Tampon

February 6, 2019

A 22-year old woman named Harmony Grant, from Virginia, found a piece of metal hooked in her tampon. She took to social media to express her displeasure towards such discovery.

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According to her, she had no idea it was metal at first, as it looked like a mere black dot. Out of care and diligence, she was careful enough to check it out, and it  turned out to be a piece of metal.

She said she was utterly shocked. It was a Playtex product, and Grant didn't hesitate to contact the company in charge, Edgewell Personal Care.

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However, she was displeased at the response of the company, who apologized to her and requested that she ship back the product and that her money would be refunded back to her.

Grant said the company took it casually, like it was a normal thing, and that she could have been hurt as she had already used half of the product.

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She, however, cautioned other ladies to be careful of the products they make use of and be diligent enough while using them.

News agency 13News reached out to the company about the complaint, and they responded by saying:

“Once we receive the necessary information we will be able to fully evaluate all details of this report. In the meantime, this one isolated case does not affect other Playtex tampon products, which remain safe to use. The health and safety of the women who use our products is a top priority for Edgewell Personal Care.”

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However, Grant has vowed not to use any kind of tampon any longer, be it from Playtex or any other company as she is still traumatized by the incident.

Use your tampon safely

It is, however, necessary to be careful while using any of these lady care products as errors or omissions are not inevitable.

1. Make sure to check your tampons for their expiration date before using them, as tampons have a shelf life;

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2. Always store them in their original packaging to reduce the risk of contamination;

3. Don’t let them roll around in your purse for weeks, which can result in their packaging becoming ripped, hence contamination can occur.

We are glad that Grant didn’t experience any infections from the contaminated tampon. However, it is advised to always check tampons, or any other lady care products, very well before use.

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