Epic Comebacks: The Best Responses For Those Instances When Someone Is Rude To You

October 19, 2018 12:10

There's really no avoiding it. We will all encounter rude people every once in a while, but it can get very frustrating when we don't have a great comeback for them.

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We always wish we could say something epic, which will stop them in their tracks and perhaps show how ridiculously impolite and insensitive they are being. But it isn't always easy to think of something at the moment we need it. Then the window of opportunity passes and we may kick ourselves for not putting the rude person in their place.

According to Powerofpositivity, there are a few ways to respond to a rude question or comment. 

1. Say 'thank you'

It may seem crazy, but acknowledging a person's rudeness will show them that you are not really bothered by it. In other words, you hear the veiled offense in their words but you choose to rise above their pettiness. For example:

Rude person: Why is your hair so terribly styled?

You: Thank you for worrying about my looks. I'm happy with it.

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2. Make it about them

Instead of responding to a rude person who almost always find something offensive to say, you may want to hold up a mirror so they see their own terrible attitude. Instead of getting a rise out of you, they are the ones feeling taken aback.

Rude person: Why are you always gaining weight?

You: You always have something negative to say, don't you?

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3. End the conversation

When you feel yourself getting angry at a rude person, sometimes the best thing to do is to end the conversation immediately. 

You: I really don't feel like arguing right now. Let's just change the topic.

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4. Ask them why they feel their comment was necessary

Sometimes, people need to realize when they are rudely butting into other people's business. So, maintaining your calmness, you can check a rude person by asking if they really need to know the answer to that question or if they need to hear a response. This may push them to apologize for being insensitive. 

Rude person: You're pregnant again? How does that happen?

You: Do you really need me to go into the details of how babies get made?


5. Accept they are right

This may not give you as much satisfaction as a savage comeback, but it will stop them in their tracks. Rude people feed off your negative reaction and anger. This response does not give them that satisfaction and it is likely to end the conversation immediately. 

Rude person: You're fat. You keep gaining weight!

You: You're right.

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At the end of the day, we can't really rid the world of rude people. All we can do is ensure that their toxic words and attitude do not affect us and cause us to doubt ourselves or our choices.

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