Heartbreaking Story Of Little Boy Who Almost Lost His Life After Lawnmower Accident Is Now Serving As A Warning For All Parents

August 17, 2018

A little boy named Roan nearly suffered a tragic death after being hit by a lawnmower. Fortunately, he's doing just fine today.

Roan's story

In July 2017, 3-year-old Roan Sullivan suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of a lawnmower accident. Roan and his father, Sean, were riding in the lawnmower that day. Later on, the boy followed his mom, Melissa, into the house. 

Sean was still riding the lawnmower but he kept looking back to ensure that Roan did not wander back outside. Melissa was just putting her younger daughter back to sleep when the little boy slipped by her and went outside. Sean said he only took his eyes off the house for a second. 

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He told WTVR:

It was the only possible moment that he might have been able to sneak by me. I was looking behind me to the left, making sure I had covered both our exits to the house. He was off on the right in the only spot I wouldn’t have been able to see him.

Sean put the lawnmower in reverse and accidentally hit his son.

The terrified parents quickly drove Roan to the emergency room, as they felt it would be dangerous if they waited for an ambulance. 

Tough weeks ahead

Little Roan remained in the ICU for the next five weeks. But, thankfully, he got better and better each day. The parents were very worried that he would lose his arm or leg. His right foot had to be amputated but they were able to save the rest of his limbs.

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He later received a custom boot which made it possible for him to walk on his own. 

Lawnmower danger

According to a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, lawnmower accidents have been on the rise and some of the injuries are quite serious. Many of the victims are children, the study also noted. 

Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen, who spoke on The Early Show a few years ago, gave some advice on how to prevent mower-related accidents. Koeppen suggested that children be kept away from the yard while mowing, and adults must ensure they wear goggles, long pants and close-toed shoes.

She also added that the yard must be rid of all debris as they can fly around while mowing and hit someone. It's important for adults to ensure the mowers are stored in an area of the house that isn't accessible to children.

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