Woman Who Lost 100 Pounds In Two Years Shares Three Tips Which Brought Her To Success

September 5, 2018 14:09

Changing one’s life drastically may seem an impossible mission unless you have a strong motivation to push you forward. This woman has proved that she was much stronger than she had ever thought.

Rebecca Grafton stopped recognizing herself when she saw a shocking number on the scales – 246 pounds! At that moment, she knew she had to act.

She started her weight loss journey before planning a vacation trip. She told Popsugar:

I didn't want to look back on all the pictures from my trip to Jamaica and not be able to remember how much fun I had because all I could see was how fat I looked in the photos.

In two years, she transformed into a slim fit lady, who definitely loved what she saw in the mirror. Grafton shed 100 pounds but, in order to achieve this amazing goal, she had to change the life habits.

Rebecca, who has shared her progress on her Instagram page, revealed what steps she took to become fitter and healthier, and appreciate her own body again.

1. Strict calorie tracking

ONe's eating pattern is 80 percent of success in any attempt to lose weight, so tracking the amount of calories consumed and burnt became a useful tool for Rebecca. At first, she counted the number of calories through an apo called My Fitness Pal, then she switched to calculating the amount of carbs, protein, and fats. Using the app was helptful when it came to assisting Rebecca in focusing the goal set for daily and weekly meals.

2. Reward yourself with a treat

Sticking to a strict diet can be emotionally overwhelming, especially when you have to give up the huge majority of your favorite food. That is why Grafton allowed herself a break from time to time.

Having a day off from calorie tracking and just enjoying the treat could satisfy her cravings without doing any harm to her progress. Her meals mostly consisted of low-fat dairy, lean protein, fresh vegetables, and fruit.

3. Every day workouts

Yes, that is right! Rebecca was determined to transform her body and she was aware that no pain brings no gain. She worked out practically every day, incorporating various types of activities into her training, from weightlifting to sprints, cardio, and working on a StairMaster machine.

In the process, she fell in love with the fitness life! “Success becomes addictive”, the woman said. As she got a flat stomach for the first time in her life, she gained the confidence to wear a bikini in public and be proud of what she had accomplished.

Looking back, she realizes how impossible it seemed to lose 100 pounds. As her motivation grew stronger, she started becoming a real role model for those struggling to get rid of extra weight.

I get constant comments and messages from women who say that because of me they had enough courage to step into a gym for the first time. Or because of me they decided to change up their eating habits and lost 10, 20, even 100 pounds like me, just from following along with my story and feeling inspired enough to believe that they were capable of making a similar change.

Self-discipline and great devotion to your dream can bring you to the desired destination, but it takes time and great efforts. With her story of success, Rebecca is willing to encourage people who are at the start of the weight loss journey. There will be bumps and failures along the way, but remaining committed will pay off no matter how long time it takes.

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