Boy Suffered Second Degree Burns After Wearing Light-Up Shoes Of Popular Brand

August 8, 2018

Light-up shoes can be an obsession for every kid! They are fun and colorful and, in a blink of an eye, they turn you into a superhero who glows in the dark!

Many parents would be happy to get this type of sneakers for their child simply because they secretly crave the same footwear for themselves  instead of the boring regular ones.

However, the mom from New York learned that the light-up shoes can seriously harm your kids’ health, unfortunately, from her own experience.

Sherry Foster's 9-year-old son was wearing his pair in wet weather. Due to the water that got inside, the batteries started releasing some dangerous chemicals that caused severe burns to the bottoms of the boy’s feet.

The mother shared her story on Facebook, warning others about the hidden hazards of the fashionable footwear. She claimed her son, Peyton, had second-degree chemical burns.

She said to Metro

He did not complain to his teacher. He waited until the next day until he came home to tell us. He was in quite a bit of pain. He wasn’t able to walk, or run, or go swimming, or anything that would cause his feet further irritation.

After the incident, the family contacted the Sketchers company and they started investigating the case. 

The Skechers S-Lights is quite a popular brand for kids’ footwear, and their claim they haven’t had any other reports about chemical burns. The company offered the family a replacement for the spoiled pair of sneakers. However, Peyton is very suspicious and cautious now and, according to his mother, he “developed a phobia of wearing shoes.”

Foster's biggest concern is that there was no warning on the sneakers about their being potentially dangerous in wet weather, so this kind of disaster can happen to anyone.

Skechers is a family brand, and they claim to manufacture shoes for children according to the health and safety standards. It is the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States, so you can imagine how many pairs of shoes they sell every day. The mom of the injured boy recommends that other parents be cautious about the light-up shoes and avoid wearing them during or after the rain.

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